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The International Foundation for Freedom of Speech Protection

The Case of the Attack on Diana Saparkyzy Should Go to Court

21 august 2023

On August 18, in Karaganda, the right of a journalist to perform her legal professional activities and provide the public with important, incisive, and unbiased information was once again violated. Diana Saparkyzy was attacked by the guards of ArcelorMittal Temirtau while carrying out her professional duty—covering the aftermath of a fire at the Kazakhstanskaya mine. The attackers behaved audaciously, believing they would escape accountability for their actions, as only two cases under Article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan have gone to court during the years of independence. However, such crimes should not go unpunished. 

Diana Saparkyzy underwent a medical examination on Saturday and is now awaiting the results. The Adil Soz Foundation will continue to provide legal assistance to the journalist. The case of the attack on Diana Saparkyzy must be brought before the court. We believe that the journalistic community and all those who are concerned about the right to freely receive full, reliable, and objective information should support the female journalist who became the victim of an attack. Competent authorities should ensure an impartial investigation into the obstruction of the legal professional activities of a journalist.

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