Сөз бостандығын қорғау халықаралық қоры
Международный фонд защиты свободы слова
The International Foundation for Freedom of Speech Protection
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About us

The International Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech “Adil soz” is a legal entity registered on April 12, 1999

The main activity of the Foundation:

Monitoring of Violations of Freedom of Speech.
Legal activity. Two draft laws were fulfilled; judicial analysis of more 20 draft laws.
Educational seminars “Legal protection of journalists and mass media”, “Ethnic standards and legal bases of activity of mass media”, “Linguistic safety of publications of mass media”.
Preparation and publication for journalists. There was publication of books such as, “How to behave in court”, “The right for information”, “Cover not to incite”, “Your labour rights” and e.g.
Legal advices of journalists and mass media. Write, call and ask.
Legal representation of mass media’s in courts.
Publication of monthly bulletin “Legislation and Practice of Kazakhstan’s Mass Media”.
Expertise of disputable materials in court disputes.

“Adil soz” projects are supported by the Foundation of Open Society, Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan, Foundation of Frederic Ebert, USAID, Representative Office of European Commission in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, OSCE, the government of Finland and Great Britain, International Information Network (IFEX) and Netherlands Humanitarian Institute of cooperation with Developed Countries (HIVOS), The FinishFoundation for Media, Communication and Development VIKES.

We offer deep gratitude to our partners for assistance and understanding.
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