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The International Foundation for Freedom of Speech Protection

Seminar for Journalists in Aktobe: "Journalistic Investigations: Professional and Safe"

24 june 2024

On June 20, a seminar for journalists and bloggers dedicated to conducting journalistic investigations was held in Aktobe. The event attracted numerous participants interested in enhancing their skills and improving their proficiency in this critical area. 

The seminar program featured lectures on relevant topics, analysis of practical scenarios, and an overview of legal aspects. 

Prominent experts in their fields spoke at the seminar. Ainur Koskina, a journalist and the author of the "QOS live" project, shared her extensive experience in conducting journalistic investigations. She touched on key aspects of the work, such as choosing a topic, methods of data collection and analysis, and preparing material for publication. Ainur emphasized that a successful investigation starts with a well-chosen topic and hypothesis. She also detailed the methods of information gathering, including official requests, interviews, document analysis, and the use of online resources. Additionally, she demonstrated how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to analyze large datasets when preparing material. 

Sergey Utkin, a lawyer of the "Adil Soz" foundation, covered the legal aspects of journalistic investigations, highlighting the new "On Mass Media" law. He explained in detail the obligations and responsibilities journalists have when disseminating information. Sergey stressed the importance of adhering to legal standards and the responsibility for publishing incorrect or unverified data. He also discussed journalists' rights and ways to protect themselves in case of threats or pressure from interested parties. 

The seminar took place in a warm and professional atmosphere. Participants actively exchanged opinions, asked questions to the speakers, and shared their own experiences. We thank everyone who participated and made this day informative and useful! 

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