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The International Foundation for Freedom of Speech Protection

Presentation of the results of the «Solutions Journalism Lab» Project - «Decision Time»

25 february 2024

On February 23, 2024, in Astana, The International Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech «Adil Soz» held the final conference for the «Solutions Journalism Lab» project - «Decision Time».
«Solutions Journalism Lab» is an extremely important, necessary, and timely project in solution-oriented journalism. It represents an international trend in media that not only describes problems and complex situations but also provides concrete and necessary solutions.
«Adil Soz» selected over 50 journalists who emerged as the best among 400 contestants. They underwent master classes and training sessions conducted by the top professionals in journalism. The participants' works were made available to the public and received positive feedback. In a short period, they garnered 1.5 million views and 120 thousand comments. As a result of the project, 2 decisions were made, and 3 issues are under consideration.
In a celebratory atmosphere, our participants presented their projects, conclusions, and approaches to solutions:
·   Botagoz Omarova presented a project on the export of precious minerals by «black geologists".
·       Zhaniya Abdibek presented a video addressing the pros and cons of raising VAT.
·       Ayan Orybayev raised issues concerning the dairy industry and imports of dairy products.
·      Nurlibek Rahmanov provided a report on the decline in the saiga antelope population in the WKO and ways to address the issue.
·   Galiya Biseit proposed specific solutions to the problem of food waste, developed by environmental activist Eskendir Kunanbayev.
There were many other interesting, creative, and topical projects, which you can explore on our website solvefuture.kz.
On behalf of the «Adil Soz» foundation, we would like to thank all the participants for their interest and contribution to the development of solution-oriented journalism in Kazakhstan. Together, we are part of the fourth estate capable of changing the world.

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