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Announcement of the Launch of the SJMED (Solutions Journalism in Medicine) project and the Start of Accepting Applications

3 july 2024

The Adil Soz Foundation, in collaboration with UNICEF, is launching the SJMED project for journalists, supported by the US Agency for International Development (USAID). 

We are pleased to announce the launch of the SJMED (Solutions Journalism in Medicine) project, aimed at improving the quality of journalistic materials in the field of medicine and healthcare in Kazakhstan. As part of the project, 50 journalists will undergo training, and the 16 best participants will create articles under the guidance of experienced mentors. 

Why is this project important? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of effective collaboration between journalists and experts in covering health issues. Since the pandemic, misinformation about health has become an increasingly pressing problem. Now, more than ever, informed decisions by citizens depend on verified and reliable information, in which journalists play a key role. 

Project Goal 

The goal of the SJMED project is to improve the quality of medical reporting and promote the dissemination of accurate information among the population of Kazakhstan. We strive to make journalists more competent and responsible in their work, which is especially crucial in the era of pandemics and widespread misinformation. 

Training and Selection 

The SJMED project will help journalists become more proficient in covering health issues. Webinar participants will learn to navigate medical topics and create materials in the solutions journalism genre. The best experts in the fields of medicine and journalism will work with the project participants. 

What Will Participants Receive? 

The SJMED project offers unique opportunities: 

Professional Growth: Improve reporting skills. 

Mentorship: Work under the guidance of experienced mentors. 

Contribution to Positive Change: Impact the quality of information in the country. 

Support: Assistance in preparing materials. 

Legal Help: Support in preparing and publishing materials. 

How to Participate? 

We invite journalists, bloggers, and freelancers who: 

Have at least three years of experience in journalism or blogging. Experience in creating medical-themed materials is welcome. 

Understand and support the goals of the project. 

Are ready to dedicate significant time and effort to the project. 

Can adhere to deadlines and ethical principles. 

Applications for participation are accepted until July 15, 2024. You can fill out the application form at the provided link

Contact Information 

For additional information, please write to info@adilsoz.kz or call +7 777 400 2210. 

 Format: Online 
 Location: Kazakhstan 

The SJMED project will be an important step in the development of free and responsible journalism in Kazakhstan, contributing to a more informed and healthier society. Journalists and media organizations can recommend up to two journalists for participation. Freelancers and bloggers can apply independently. 

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